What does a solicitor do?

“A solicitor is responsible for decision-making when dealing with a person who has been charged with a crime. As your solicitor, I want to ensure that cases are prosecuted fairly and that all victims are treated compassionately.” - Dan Johnson

My priorities for Richland and Kershaw Counties are to:

  • Reduce crime by holding violent criminals and repeat offenders accountable; protect children from predators; and keep our children out of gangs and off the streets.

  • Increase and improve conviction rates by reallocating resources and building stronger relationships among the solicitor’s office, law enforcement and the communities we serve.

  • Improve community relationships by involving citizens in the process, and by creating community and faith-based programs that provide intervention and second chances for those who deserve them.

  • Improve solicitor training, ensuring that justice and fairness are a reality for every individual.

Why vote for Dan Johnson on June 8th?

Dan Johnson has experience as an Assistant Solicitor, a Law Enforcement Officer, and a Judge Advocate. As Chief Deputy of Richland County Sheriff's Department, he is the second in command and is responsible for the management of an annual budget in excess of 29.5 million dollars and the daily operations of a department of 750+ employees, including 603 deputies. As such, he is the Chief Deputy and legal advisor to Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott.


Dan Johnson 2010 Mailer